Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. Madden

April 16, 2018

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. Madden’s Newsletter

We hope everyone have enjoyed this past weekend. We’ve had an exited week working on some new lessons and reviewing some previous ones; during this past week, Ms. Payne who is the school counselor visited our class and introduced the first lesson on her safe touch program. Ms. Payne will be giving us more lessons on the topic for a few more weeks.

Lessons received this past week:

  • Our kindergarteners had the opportunity to learn more facts about magnetism and explored with new works on the kindergarten shelf.
  • We’ve spent more time learning about Egypt; we’ve read a few interesting books about the inventions that came from such country like the embalming process, the invention of the pens, the ink, the first books known as scrolls, the sailboats, the lighthouse, and we also learned that the ancient Egyptians were the first people in history to come up with a police force. We would like to thank Isabella’s parents for sharing their photo album from their trip to Egypt; looking at the pictures and reading even more interesting facts about Egypt helped to enrich our cultural studies unit. Thanks again!
  • Last Friday we had the chance to clean and prepare our garden for next week; we have plans to start planting some seeds and flowers for a couple of days. We are so excited about this activity and ready to use our garden for our science lesson.
  • Also during last week we had a new friend in our classroom; we warmly welcome Riley into our environment.

Important things to remember:

  • Picture day is this coming Wednesday, April 18th. Send your child wearing a nice spring outfit and an extra outfit to change after if you desire.

Have a wonderful week!


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