Early Childhood

Mrs. Lavarreda and Ms. Madden

November 20, 2017

Happy Monday everybody! We hope your weekend was a wonderful one and that you’ve enjoyed it with doing fun things with the family. These are the highlights for the past week:

  • We had a special visitor in the classroom: Mrs. Buehler came to talk about her professional career which is Nurse practitioner. We were so interested to know all about the instruments she uses to do her job, and to learn the most important things we need to do to stay healthy especially during these seasons. She read a book to the class and at the end of her presentation she surprised everybody with a nice little gift (hand sanitizer to keep germs away from us). We would like to thank Mrs. Buehler for spending some time with us and for all the advice she gave us to stay healthy; we loved having her in the classroom!
  • We’ve been having fun with the new works on our art’s shelf; we have a marbling work, a playdough work to help us strengthen our hand muscles, fall leaves cutting and coloring work, and a USA map crayon rubbing work.
  • Our favorite work this past week has been our fall sensory bin; we have been exploring with different textures and reinforcing concepts through our five senses. Working with this material not only helps us to meet our sensory needs but also allow us to reinforce our math, reading, and science concepts.

Important reminders:

  • Grandparent’s day is this coming Tuesday, November 21st and we would love to see all the grandparents for this special event.
  • Thanksgiving break starts on Wed, November 22nd; school resume on Monday 27th.
  • Winter program is on December 15th, more details to come soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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